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Sports Premium Grant


PDFSt Peter Sport’s Strategy 2018 19

PDFSt Peter’s PE and Sport Premium Funding End of 2017 18


St Peter’s Catholic Primary School PE and Sport Strategy 2017 18

What is the Primary School PE & Sport Premium?

Since 2013 14 the government has allocated extra funding to all primary schools to improve Physical Education (PE) and Sport so that they develop pupils’ healthy lifestyles. This will be continued in the 2017 18 financial year.

What should it be used for?

Schools may choose how they use the funding, for example to:

How much have will we receive for 2017 18?

In 2017 18 we will receive approximately £18500 (exact number yet to be confirmed) to be spent specifically on Sports Premium. Because of the importance we place on PE and the benefits that it brings, we have an over spend of the £9000 which is balanced from the whole school budget.


Project Pupils Involved Cost Expected Impact
To provide high quality PE teaching each week as part of the school’s PPA provision by employing a specialist P.E. teacher delivery of lessons in KS2, while supporting a member of staff. Year 3 to 6 £4500 per year All children to have regular access to high quality PE lessons

Improvement in ability of Sports TA to deliver high quality PE sustainably.

To provide high quality PE teaching by employing a specialist P.E. teacher delivery of staff training and development across KS1 and 2 All Pupils £4500 per year All staff to have improved competence in delivering all PE areas thus ensuring high quality PE as sustainable in school.
Targeted intervention of children to improve fitness and well being Identified Termly As part of above cost Improvement of fitness of identified pupils to ensure there sustained fitness.
Manchester School Sport Association All £600 Annual subscription for expertise and competition through the LA.
Support for cost of competition transport Mainly KS2 £2500

(estimate based on 25 x £100)

Increased participation in competition
National School Sports Week Events – Whole School £1500
SIS Multi-Skills KS1 & KS2 £2000 Wider provision for pupils
Balance £3000 approximately
In addition we have:

Deployment of a specialist TA at lunchtimes to support the development of games skills which is offset from staffing budget


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