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Our Staff


Executive Headteacher                                              Mr P Johnson

Head of School                                                            Mrs N Knowles

Assistant Head/ KS1 Lead                                        Mrs L Coombs

KS2 Lead/ Acting Assistant Head (17 /18)           Miss M Roberts

EYFS Lead                                                                   Miss N Fielding

SENCO                                                                         Mrs N Knowles


Class teachers

Miss N Fielding

Miss K Stafford

Mrs L Coombs

Miss G Bailo

Miss M Roberts

Miss A Gagan

Mrs C Early

Miss A Pratt

Miss S Rowland

Miss J Zolnierczuk

Miss C O Sullivan (2 terms)

Other teachers

Miss C Lackey

Mrs J Royle

Mr P Callaghan

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Cawley

Mrs. J Harkin

Miss L McNally

Miss C Missen

Mrs C Metcalf

Mrs D Mullen

Mrs L Sheldon

Miss A Stott

Miss P Bonczoszek

Mr E Navarro

Mrs A Kirkwood

Miss C O Sullivan

School Office Staff

Mrs S Millward

(Finance Manager)

Mrs A Moloney

(School Administrator)

Mr. P. Doherty

(Site Manager)


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs C Coombes

Mrs M Kendrick

Ms T Massey (SLO)

Miss P Miley

Miss A Peters

Miss J Peters

Miss A Phoenix

Mrs M Kelly

Mrs L Dyson



Manchester Airport. .

For our topic of “My Wythenshawe”, we visited Manchester Airport veiwing park. We have so much fun watching the planes […]


Year 1 At The Chestnut Centre. .

We had a fantastic time learning about the animals who live at The Chestnut Centre, and we really worked up […]


World Book Day Photo Gallery. .

The book fair will be coming to school during the week of the 12th March and the children will each […]


School Choir Performance. We showcase our school choir..

A special assembly was held so our school choir could perform for us the songs they sang on the evening […]


Year 5&6 Girls’ Football. Year 5&6 Girls' Football Team's First Tournament.

A brilliant effort by our Year 5 & 6 girls at today’s tournament with local schools. We had some fantastic shooting […]