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Our Staff


Headteacher                           Mrs C Quinn

Assistant Headteacher         Mrs N Knowles

Assistant Headteacher           Mrs L Coombs

EYFS Lead                               Miss N Fielding

SENCO                                    Mrs C Early

Class teachers

Mrs N Knowles

Miss N Fielding

Miss K Stafford

Mrs L Coombs

Miss G Bailo

Miss A Gagan

Mrs C Early

Miss A Pratt

Miss J Zolnierczuk

Other teachers

Miss C Lackey

Mrs J Royle

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Cawley

Mrs. J Harkin

Miss L McNally

Mrs C Metcalf

Mrs D Mullen

Mrs L Sheldon

Miss A Stott

Miss P Bonczoszek

Mrs A Kirkwood

Mrs K Ward

Ms K Leonard

Ms L Wilkinson

Ms K Bowry

School Office Staff

Ms N Eaton-Barnes

(Business Manager)

Mrs A Moloney

(School Administrator)

Mrs L McNally

(School Administrator)

Mr P Doherty


Lunchtime Staff

Ms T Massey

Mrs M Kendrick

Miss P Miley

Miss A Peters

Miss J Peters

Miss A Phoenix

Mrs L Dyson

Ms S Packham

World Book Day 2019. A gallery of photos taken on world book day 2019.


Robinwood 2019. Some pictures of year 5 and 6 on their Robinwood adventure.


Easter Celebrations and the Great St Peter’s Bake Off! Photos. .

Easter Celebrations We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter break. St Peter’s was very busy over the week […]


Open Mornings at St Paul’s. .