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Letter from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,


Following the retirement of Ms Loftus last term I am writing to explain the leadership structure and my vision for St Peter’s as we move forward. Regarding the leadership structure, the Governing Body have asked me to continue in my role as Executive Headteacher alongside Mrs Knowles who will continue in her role as Head of School.


Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I write to you as the new substantive Executive Headteacher of St Peter’s Catholic Primary School. Over the last year, as I have met children, parents, governors and staff, the privilege of holding the post and serving the community of St Peter’s has become more apparent to me.


In my time here, I have been struck by the sense of pride everybody has at St Peter’s. This is very clear when I see the way the children interact with each other and the way that they tackle their hard work in lessons. They are clearly a credit to you, themselves, the adults who have taught and worked with them in school, and all involved in their development. This was rightly recognised by OFTSED in March last year too.


As I officially begin my time at school, I believe it is important for you as parents to understand my vision for your school, while I am Executive Headteacher.


St Peter’s will continue to be a school built on positive relationships between pupils and adults, where the children are taught a broad and balanced curriculum by wonderful teachers, with high academic standards. Yet St Peter’s is about so much more than that. It is about our Catholic faith that teaches children to follow the example of Jesus. It is about giving everyone the opportunity to shine and be proud; it is about having the confidence to have a go at anything and the belief that you can succeed. We will continue to teach the children to have pride in themselves and to work harmoniously with others. St Peter’s is a place of acceptance and respect for the beliefs of others and a sense of pride when others do well.


I strive to ensure that St Peter’s becomes the outstanding school that the children and the school community deserve. To this end, I am looking forward to working with you to ensure that every child progresses further and will develop into the young person that they aspire to be. My aim is to ensure the School’s Mission is at the heart of what we do so that the children will grow to Love Jesus, Love learning and Love life.


With this in mind today we launched a Bee-Attitudes Week. This week in class the children will be carrying out work based on a key value in the Mission Statement. We will send further details about these in the newsletter on Friday and the Year 5 class will also share this in assembly next week.


As I am between two schools, communication is a priority. Mrs Knowles and I are committed to working in partnership with you in your child’s development. Therefore, if you need to speak to us about anything to do with your child’s education, please feel free to do so. If we are able to, we will speak immediately or if not, we will make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.  Whether you speak to me or Mrs Knowles, be assured that you will be listened to and we will deal with all enquiries in a fair and consistent manner.


It seems strange to write a welcome letter as I know so many of you already; however I need to say thank you to all the school community for making me feel so welcome over the last four terms.  I really appreciate your warmth and I look forward to serving you as Executive Headteacher and the exciting journey we embark on together.


All blessings

Peter Johnson

Executive Headteacher

Blue Sweatshirts and Book Prizes

These are the children who have won the Blue Sweatshirt for the term.

 These are last term’s book prize winners who have made fantastic progress so far this year.

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There are no prize winners as we did not have an assembly today, there will be a Celebration assembly on Wednesday morning instead.

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